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Get the most out of your BMW with the Crystal Series.

BMW Glass Controls.

BMW M850i with option Glass Controls (BMW code: 4A2): iDrive controller, Gear shift knob, Start/stop button and Volume knob*.

* From model year 2021, the Crystal Volume knob is no longer included in BMW:s factory option Glass Controls.

BMW offers the option Glass Controls when you factory-order an 8 Series, X5, X6 or X7. BMW does not offer these products as aftermarket accessories, nor do they offer the factory option for the new 2 Series, 3 Series, the new 4 Series or the Z4 Roadster.

Car Analysis Objectives.

Our  goals are to:

  •  Market products with quality equal to BMW Glass Controls, providing flexibility to install aftermarket accessories for existing vehicles
  •  Offer the Crystal Series products for all BMW:s with the new cockpit layout, featuring the Start/Stop button on the center console
  •  Include detailed fitment & installation instructions as well as installation videos
  •  Make sure our customers have access to excellent after-sales support if needed

Other Services from Car Analysis.

Here are some examples of other services we provide:

  •  Advice on special ordering of new BMW:s from the factory
  •  Factual reviews of web pages, magazines, brochures and technical instructions

Car Analysis References.
Approved subcontractor to BMW 2002
2019. Extensive knowledge about all BMW models.