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With Crystal Controls, a set of high-end accessories for the interior of your BMW, it is possible to install components corresponding to the BMW option Glass Controls as aftermarket accessories. The components in Crystal Controls are manufactured to meet the same quality requirements as for BMW:s own parts.

Unlike BMW:s factory option, Crystal Controls are available for all BMWs with a round Start/Stop button on the center console. The Multimedia Controller Knob and Start/Stop Button are compatible with all models, the Volume Button with model years 2023 and earlier, while the Gear Selector (NEW!) and the Gear Shift Knob are available for selected models.

From 2023, BMW has replaced the gear shift knob with a simple toggle switch for most new models. For these models, we offer our Crystal Gear Selector.

The Crystal Gear Selector is available as a separate product as well as in Crystal Controls, which includes also the Crystal Multimedia Controller Knob, Crystal Start/Stop Button and Crystal Volume Button (volume button not included for 2024 models). More information

Our cool new product, the Crystal Gear Selector is the preferred Crystal upgrade for newer BMW models that do not have a gear shift knob.


The products in the Crystal Series can be conveniently ordered on Amazon or eBay.